Project Description

Back & Biceps

This workout is designed to target all the major and minor muscle groups in your back and biceps to enable growth. The exercises depicted here are my favorite way to start the week on Monday morning and feel like a beast while saying to myself in a caveman-like tone “I pick things up and put things down real good. Look how good I can pick this up and put it down.” No one ever looks but it’s fine because I’m feeling great.



3 x 5 (Heavy) ; 4 x 8 (Light)

T-Bar Row

 3 x 5 (Heavy) ;  4 x 8 (Light)

Wide Grip Pull-Ups 

3 x 5 (Heavy) ;  4 x 8 (Light)

Dumbbell Isolation Curls

3 x 5 (Heavy) ;  4 x 8 (Light)

Machine Row 

3 x 5 (Heavy) ;  4 x 8 (Light)

Reverse Dumbbell Flys 

3 x 5 (Heavy) ;  4 x 8 (Light)

Don’t Forget…

It is always important to remember that in order for your muscles to grow completely and efficiently, you must practice good form to avoid injury as well as good gym critique when working out. Don’t be that person who hogs the machines or rubs their sweat all over the equipment or stares awkwardly at other people while they are working out. Keep your creepy eyes on your own exquisite self, “Ya Naaaaaaaaaaaasty!” (That’s So Raven 2003).

Additionally, to accommodate the stresses you are putting on your muscles, don’t forget to get plenty of nutritious foods in your system to replenish, rebuild, and recover from your workout. Combine your lifting days with strategic nutrition and recovery time – meaning adequate SLEEP and REST – to allow your body to adapt to the new stressors and strengthen for future workouts. Take it a little at a time. It won’t get easier, but you will get stronger!

All exercises on this site are intended for individuals to participate in at their own level of conditioning. If you are currently experiencing any bone, joint, or musculoskeletal pain, you are advised to consult with a licensed health care professional prior to commencing a weight-training program. The authors, editor, and publisher specifically disclaim all responsibility and liability for any injury arising from the use and application of the information provided within this site.